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      Memory Loss
      Brain Stress
      Alzheimer's disease
      Neurasthenia Syndrome
      Mental retardation
      Sequelae of Cerebral Infarction
      Cerebral Atrophy
      Parkinson Disease
      Dementia in Children
      Children with Autism
      Cerebellar Hypoplasia
      Tic Disorder

Cerebral Atrophy

Cerebral atrophy refers to the loss of brain over time. It can happen either in entire brain or just one part of the brain and can lead to decreased brain mass and loss of neurological function.

Symptoms can be generalized (affecting the whole brain) or localized (affecting only one part of the brain or one function)

Generalized symptoms: can occur daily or just once in a while. At times any of these symptoms can be severe:

Change in mood, personality, behavior
Difficulty in judgment or abstract thinking
Difficulty with memory, thinking, talking, writing or reading
Learning impairment

Localized symptoms of cerebral atrophy
• Blurred or double vision
• Difficulty producing or understanding speech (aphasia)
• Impaired balance and coordination
• Localized weakness, loss of sensation, or paralysis
Serious symptoms
In some cases, cerebral atrophy can be life threatening.
• Being a danger to oneself or others, including behavior that is threatening, irrational or suicidal
• Change in level of consciousness or alertness, such as passing out or unresponsiveness
• Change in mental status or sudden behavior change, such as confusion, delirium, lethargy, hallucinations and delusions
• Seizure
• Sudden change in vision, loss of vision, or eye pain

• Stroke
• Traumatic brain injury
• Alzheimer’s disease
• Cerebral palsy (group of disorders affecting movement, balance, and posture)
• Dementia
• Huntington’s disease (genetic disorder causing degeneration of nerve cells in the brain)
• Leukodystrophysies (diseases damaging the protective material around nerve cells)
• Multiple sclerosis (disease that affects the brain and spinal cord causing weakness, coordination, balance difficulties, and other problems)
• Pick’s disease (form of dementia that affects only certain areas of the brain)
Cerebral atrophy can also result from infection of the brain including:
• Encephalitis (inflammation and swelling of the brain due to a viral infection or other causes)
• Syphilis (sexually transmitted disease caused by bacteria)
Active & healthy lifestyle
• Eating a balanced diet of fruits and vegetables rich in antioxidant
• Regular exercise
• Increase mental activity
Additionally, Root King Sharp Mind is recommended for a healthy brain and also to prevent cerebral atrophy
Root King Sharp Mind is Japanese brain supplement invented by Professor Shinji Shimada. This product is a perfect combination of nano-technology and herbal medicine made R&D by Tian Li Institute of medicine, Japan. Root King Sharp Mind consists of 4 main ingredients:
• Nanometer ginkgo biloba extract, experimentalised on animal, can activate efficiently brain cells.
• Hydrogen ion bond calcium produced in Japan, a new kind of anti-oxidant
• Phosphoric acid serine, an world’s top anti-aging agent
What you can experience:
• Aid the function of eyes & brain, improve IQ
• Increase metabolism
• Prevent impaired ability
• Improve blood circulation, alleviate the atherosclerosis or hypertension
• Prevent cerebral infarction & myocardial infarction.
What make Root King Sharp Mind different from other same kind of products?
- Used Nano-technology:
• The product is free from ginkgolic acid (a poison agent to health)
• Fast in absorption because of nano-particle ginkgo biloba extract
- Containing calcium hydrogen which firstly found in Japan
- 5 years of clinical practice
- Animal experiment proved to be effective.
- Obtaining the Japan Patent (Patent no. 3988168) in July 2007
- Obtaining the US Patent (Patent no. 8105637) in 2012.

What is nanotechnology?

One nanometer equals one billionth of a meter. Most of brain supplements with traditional processing method are found hardly to break down, which causes the problem that the active component is impossible to be absorbed into the body. Tian Li Medical Institute has solved the problem of digestion and absorption, processing the ingredient with the most advanced technology – nanotechnology.


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The brain is one of the most important organs in the human body. It is also called as the control center of the body. The brain acts as an operator by sending messages from all over the body to their proper destination. Especially, it has a wide range of responsibilities from coordinating our movements to managing our emotion. Hence, our life becomes unmeaning if one of the parts of the brain is impaired or damaged. Even memory problem for short time you encounter also interrupt or affect significantly to your daily life.

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