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      What is nano?


Nanotechnology the most promising technology in the 21st century, can have a far reaching impact on science, technology and industrial sectors particularly in chemical, electronics, pharmaceutical industries, medical diagnostics, food safety etc.

The benefit of using nanoscale for medical technologies is that smaller devices are less invasive and can possibly be implanted inside the body, plus biochemical reaction times are much shorter. These devices are faster and more sensitive than typical drug delivery.

Originally, Nano is a physics term, a unit of length in the metric system, equal to one billionth of a meter, or about one ten-thousandth of the thickness of a human hair. We cannot see them with our naked eye, and even cannot resolve them with optical microscopes. Imagine a nanoparticle places on the table tennis, like a ping pong ball put on the Earth.

1 micron (μm) = 1 000 nano (nm)
1 millimeter (mm) = 1 000 000 nanometers (nm)
1 meter (m) = 1 000 000 000 nanometers (nm)

The relationship between the chart: micro-organisms and the units of measurement.
The name of the unit of measurement: millimeters (mm) units of measurement: nanometers (nm)

A large cell (amoeba) 1
(Euglena) 0.5
Cells (human eggs) 0.2
(Diatoms) 0.1
General cells (cyanobacteria) 0.01
Human sperm head 0.005
General cells (Staphylococcus aureus) 0.001 1000
The smallest bacteria (Mycoplasma) 0.000 1100
Large virus 0.000 0550
Small virus and protein 0.000 0110
Organic molecules (amino acid) 0.000 0011
Molecule (sucrose) 0.000 0005 0.5
Atoms (a hydrogen atom) 0.000 0001 0.1

Be seen from the chart, the size of the micro-organisms, from millimeter to micron level, the unit of measurement reflect the size range of the organism scale. In fact, the cell size varies greatly. Some will be able to see with the naked eye, such as ostrich eggs, the largest nearly 10cm in diameter. Small objects need an electron microscope to see, such as the original bacteria, mycoplasma can live independently, the diameter of this cell is only 0.1um (100 nm), but generally the diameter of the cells is in 10-100um.

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