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  • Q: Why have you chosen Nano-technology for RootKing Sharp Mind?

  • A: With Nanotechnology, extract or active component of Ginkgo can be broken into really small particles that absorbed into the body more effectively than it with traditional processing methods?

  • Q: What makes RootKing Sharp Mind so special?

  • A: RootKing Sharp Mind is known as a revolution in the health industry. It has made a significant contribution to the human health. In 2007, it obtained the patent for invention of Japan and of America in 2012.

  • Q: What can RootKing Sharp Mind do?

  • A: RootKing Sharp Mind is supplement specializing for brain. It can improve and enhance brain function such as memory, intelligence etc. It helps to prevent brain diseases. Also, it can help young people who loss concentration on their learning. For older adults, it can improve activities of daily life, and enhance memory. Additionally, it can improve eye function and support heart health.

  • Q: What are RootKing Sharp Mind’s ingredients?

  • A: RootKing Sharp Mind is made of four important ingredients. Firstly, Nanometer ginkgo biloba extract that is experimentalised on animal can activate efficiently brain cells. Secondly, hydrogen-based calcium is known as the powerful anti-oxidant from Japan. Thirdly, Phosphatidylserine is one of the world's top anti-aging agents from Germany. Fourthly, DHA, a major fatty acid in the brain & eye, plays important role in mental health. DHA help to stimulate brain function so we can have a better concentration on working as well as learning. Examples, during pregnancy, if the mothers did not get enough DHA, their babies may face to many health problems including high risk of eye and brain damage.

  • Q: Are there any similar products on the market?

  • A: Until now, there are no any brain supplements made from nanotechnology like RootKing Sharp Mind. Thus, we imported this product from Japan.

  • Q: Who can use RootKing Sharp Mind?

  • A: RootKing Sharp Mind is brain supplement that helps to nourish and enhance brain & eye function. Thus, it is suitable for user group such as children above 12 years old, older students, elder, men or women who have poor concentration or memory loss, or people with neurasthenic disease, Alzheimer etc.

  • Q: How efficient is RootKing Sharp Mind?

  • A: The product was proved by animal testing. It took five years for clinical practice and the result shows that efficiency: 58%, low efficiency: 35%, no efficiency: 7%.

  • Q: What makes RootKing Sharp Mind different from others?

  • A: As mentioned above, at present on the market, only RootKing Sharp Mind is made with Nanotechnology. The biggest advantage of Nanotechnology is make products more effective. Nanotechnology can make active components of product become extreme particles that can penetrate easier and deeper into the brain cells which most brain supplements product can’t do. You can imagine how its intense absorption speed is when one nanometer equals one billionth of a meter. Hence, it’s not hard to explain why the people who use RootKing Sharp Mind can experience the positive result sooner than those take products made without nanotechnology.

  • Q: What is blood-brain barrier?

  • A: Blood brain barrier is a network of tightly bound cells that protect brain from harmful substances’ penetration and allows nutrients pass into the brain in order to nurture the brain. You can imagine if we don’t charge enough nutrients for brain, the function of blood-brain barrier become weaker. In other word, the cellular metabolite is clogged, so the nutritional supply to brain is cut. This is the chance for toxins to leak in the brain and cause the brain problems.

  • Q: Any side effects?

  • A: Due to Nanoparticles, the active components of products can work efficiently. In addition, the nanotechnology help to reduce significantly toxins found in the raw materials such as ginkgolic acid. Importantly, RootKing Sharp Mind made of all natural ingredients combined with scientific formulations, no additives, no hormones, non-toxic, non-allergic reactions, no side effects.

  • Q: Why does the product become better with nanotechnology?

  • A: The Nanotechnology processed the product’s active ingredients into fine particles of nano scale. Hence, they absorb into our body speedily and target directly to lesions, activate the cell, attack and inhibit viruses, toxic substances. This improves significantly to product’s quality. Greatly, the human being has benefited from nanotechnology.

  • Q: Is it safe for long time intake?

  • A: Definitely, suitable for long-term use. Long term intake can maintain a healthy brain and eyes.

  • Q: Any advices during RootKing Sharp Mind intake time?

  • A: There are no special considerations. Just reduce spicy food as much as you can. Appropriate to add fish, eggs, milk in your diet. You can also coordinate with regular exercise for better result.

  • Q: Whether RootKing Sharp Mind can help for my coming examination?

  • A: Sure. It is more effective, if you consume RootKing Sharp Mind for 3 months before examination. It helps to relieve brain fatigue, promote memory and sustain the energy for brain.

  • Q: Can RootKing Sharp Mind improve children’s IQ?

  • A: Yes, it can. Long time intake for about 10 bottles, the result is showed obviously. You can notice the change in memory and logical thinking ability. Besides, it can also help children with ADHD or autism.

  • Q: What can RootKing Sharp Mind do with the elders?

  • A: Memory problems of the elders can be alleviated significantly for long term intake. When people grow older, the body’s organs also work weaker and slower. However, with nanotechnology the most active components of products are broken into really small size (nanometer). Thereby, it is no longer big problem for the elders to digest and absorb the extract from RootKing Sharp Mind. It is really beneficial to the elders.

  • Q: If I found that something is wrong with my memory, RootKing Sharp Mind can improve?

  • A: The key treatment for memory problems is to activate, restore the function of brain cells, repair the damaged nerve cells, and also ensure the blood supply regularly to the brain. RootKing Sharp Mind provides nutrients and oxygen to the brain, and help to inhibit harmful agents that wither activation of brain cells. Furthermore, it helps to adjust and improve the metabolism of nerve cells in the brain, regulate neurotransmitters, repair nerve cell function. At the same time, you can coordinate with therapy for the best effect.

  • Q: If I found that my parents start with symptoms of dementia, brain atrophy, or Parkinson’s disease, RootKing Sharp Mind intake can help?

  • A: Dementia, brain atrophy, Parkinson's and some other memory degeneration diseases are usually seen in the elders. Therefore, prevention is the best way. On the other hand, RootKing Sharp Mind can help to slow down the aging of brain cells, prevent the brain from withering. Also it is recommended to combine with healthy lifestyle and regular exercise.

  • Q: What is the cause of Alzheimer's, Cerebral palsy, Parkinson?

  • A: When the function of blood-brain barrier is clogged, the nutritional supply to brain is cut, the toxins will penetrate into the brain and cause neuronal necrosis It leads to appear some symptoms such as memory impairment, confusion, language disability, paralysis etc.

  • Q: How to avoid the risk of Alzheimer's, cerebral palsy, Parkinson encephalopathy?

  • A: Prevention is the most effective choice to avoid the risk. Keep an active lifestyle. On the other hand, RootKing Sharp Mind can help to slow down the aging of brain cells, prevent the brain from withering. Also it is recommended to combine with healthy lifestyle and regular exercise.


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The brain is one of the most important organs in the human body. It is also called as the control center of the body. The brain acts as an operator by sending messages from all over the body to their proper destination. Especially, it has a wide range of responsibilities from coordinating our movements to managing our emotion. Hence, our life becomes unmeaning if one of the parts of the brain is impaired or damaged. Even memory problem for short time you encounter also interrupt or affect significantly to your daily life.

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